DRO Remote Sensing

DRO Remote Sensing is specialized in the acquisition and processing of advanced remote sensing image data obtained from manned and unmanned aircraft. We supply remote sensing data for users in precision farming, water management- nature and environmental agencies. Customers can define an area to be captured at a specific date. The data is processed into calibrated geo tiffs which can be implemented into your GIS system. We offer three types of maps: Hyperspectral (VIS-NIR), Multispectral (VIS-NIR) and a Thermal Infra Red (TIR). 

We execute our remote sensing flights with our own equipment and software and offer attractive alternatives in contrast to existing suppliers. The hardware, data acquisition software and image processing software are all developed by DRO Remote Sensing. Therefore we can offer additional customer defined features on request.  

Our service is the result of many years of experience in the application of hyper-spectral imaging systems for multiple applications, professional international flying experience with general aviation aircraft and the advanced implementation of image processing and GIS mapping. 




Thermal Infrared