Mapping & GIS

After the recording, the images are, if necessary, post-processed and merged into a geographically correct 3D model. From this 3D point cloud we export the the orthogonal projection of that 3D set into a GEO Tiff image that can used in your GIS.

Raw recording.

3D GEO Referenced Point Cloud.  

Result in GIS system.


Product Sensor Type Bits Resolution [m/pixel] Typical Map Size [ha]
RGB Color GEO Tiff CMOS 10 0.07 1000-5000
NIR GEO Tiff (Red Edge, 695nm, 735nm, 808nm, 850nm) CCD 12 0.10 1000-5000
TIR GEO Tiff (Thermal Infrared) Uncooled VOx Microbolometer 16 0.35 1000-5000
Hyperspectral Image (430-960nm, Δλ 3nm) CMOS 14 0.20 10-100
SWIR (950-1700nm) Cooled InGaAs 16 0.4 1000-5000